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Question 1 : How many kilometers can the electric scooter run each time fully charged?

Answer : Not necessarily, battery specifications and capacitance of each electric scooter will be different,but also be affected by the weight of the vehicle and its impact on the endurance distance.There are 25 km endurance distance, the longest distance of about 100 km.So the specification of the product will be marked "about" the number of kilometers. So there may be caused by the same size of the capacitance.Two different people riding, with two different distance,this is a normal phenomenon in the electric scooter.


Question 2 : The electric scooters can ride on rainy days?

Answer: If the case is light rain, but do not flood the water over the pedal. Because some electric scooters’ battery will be installed in the pedal inside.


Question 3 : Electric scooter need a driver's license?

Answer : Free driver's license,freelicense plate,free insurance.


Question 4 : How fast can the electric scooter ride?

Answer : Part of the high-speed electric scooter even up to 55 km,

However, based on safety considerations, the maximum driving speed should be controlled at below 25KM per hour.Electric scooter is HP watts (W), The main focus is that the means of transport, labor saving, energy conservation and environmental protection,Not used in place of a locomotive. But to encourage the use of short distance commuters, and reduce air pollution.


Question 5 : How electric scooter climbing?

Answer : In general,buildings and basements of about 30 ° slope is no problem. Electric scooters are designated as short-range transport. Maximum horsepower is not greater than 1000 watts (W).

So it is not suitable for long-distance  or climbing steep slopes.
(Depends on the slope of a long or short,If it has been in the climbing state,Consumption of electricity is also fast.)


Question 6Is the electric scooter easy to ride ?

Answer : According to most riders’ experience,the convenience and handling of the electric scooters, than the average gasoline locomotive to light and practical.No noise, no refueling and oil change. Please try to ride personally, will be better able to feel its advantages.


Question 7 : Is the electric scooter need to be warmed machine when riding it?

Answer : No,it can ride directly on the road after booting.


Question 8 : Do you need to wear a helmet when riding the  electric scooter?

Answer : For safety ,it is recommended to wear.


Question 9 : Is electric scooter easy to repair?

Answer:The electric scooteris not easy to damage, Because it is different from the general locomotive. In addition,the general locomotive can be maintained for Other problems.Such as tire  replaced, brake skin replaced, bulb ... and so on. Above the problems,if it can not be repaired in outside,you can send it back to our company’s maintenance station.


Question 10 : Is need to be checked regularly ,How do we know whether there is a problem with battery power?

Answer : No exhaust test,it Will not be fined. Dashboard display with low battery warning. If it is often easy to find no electricity, please contact our company, we will have someone to help you deal with.


Question 11 : How much time does it take to each charge?

Answer : Due to the different capacitance of each product, the charging time will be different.The charging time of large-capacity battery about 10~12 hours,small-capacity battery about 3~5 hours.

It is recommended that you charge after you riding each time, which reduces the average of charge time.Be careful not to charge the battery until it is completely exhausted, otherwise it will shorten the battery life.


Question 12 : Is the electric scooter easy to charge?

Answer : Using a 110V (household) electrical outlet for charging.

If it is charged fully,the charger will stop charging automatically

and converting to float. But it is recommended that it charge fully each time and pull off the plug immediately.


Question 13 : How long can the battery be used?

Answer : Lithium batteries can be charged more than 2000 times, The average life expectancy of up to 5 years if you charges once a day.

Depending on the charge maintenance habits To avoid the battery in the case of power exhaustion before charging, it is recommended charging immediately after riding.After the charging is completed, the power supply plug is pulled out, so as to avoid the battery self-     discharge and damage the battery.