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 45 degree Shock absorption

45 degrees of shock absorption system and multi-Support point design let it is easier to absorb the shocks from the ground.  Made of stainless steel, can withstand the impact of 100 million times.

Front and Rear Disk Brake System

By applying with the Pascal principle to let the brake oil through the tubing pressure and to push the disc brake piston so that the feeling of braking is much better.

 E- instruments , A key control for speed-fixing

The interface of the instrument is very simple to control.  New one- key controls Design let the speed control much easier.

Supper Wear-resistant PVC rubber

Explosion-proof tires, aluminum wheel frame, be safe and durable

Support USB charging for mobile phone

Support mobile phone USB charging, so that the tourism is more convenient and worry-free.

Double Cat-Eye Led light and Stereo speaker

New Double Cat LED Light Design. Get a longer life and more fashionable visual effects.

BNS E-magnetic management System

Germany BNS electromagnetic management system, voltage stability, security and no noise.





【Wheel Base 】93cm

【Weight 】± 26kg

【Max Load 】200kg

【Battery 】 Lithium Battery

【Voltage 】48v

【Output 】800w

【Tire Size 】10”

【Tire Type】Inflatable

【Handle Bar】Quick Release

【Chassis】Quick Release

【Max Speed】55km/h


【Range】±100km(Range may vary by load.)


【Headlight 】O

【Chassis Lamp】O


【Brake Light 】O

【Aluminum  】O

【Seat 】 Removable



【Power 】48v3a

【Recharge Time 】12Hr




Q1 measurement

The movie of  Q1 measurement can travel uphill and wave of the road,

Out of the ordinary scooter Constantly, But also greatly increase the shock effect, Making people feel more comfortable on the road. Q1 has IP6 waterproof rating, It is no problem that riding in rainy days.

Not only the speed of up to 55km, the endurance of up to about 100km, and the seat can also be personal installation.

The function of brake  use dish evil, it is more safe when people riding on the road.